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We nerd out about post-purchase surveys and customer data.

KnoCommerce started in 2020 with one goal in mind: to finally solve this whole “customer attribution problem” thing. With people finding brands through word-of-mouth, on TikTok, and via influencer mentions, the customer journey has only gotten more complicated since we launched. Which is why we’re the fastest-growing survey integration platform around. 

That’s why we specialize in survey integrations built specifically for e-commerce businesses, and we play well with Shopify, Klaviyo, TripleWhale, and more. With our tools, brands ask customers things like, “How did you find us?” and “How did that purchase go for you?” over 100,000 times a day


Meet the Team

Jeremiah Prummer


Jeremiah founded KnoCommerce in 2020 beacause he really (and we mean, really) loves eCommerce and conversion rate optimization. Skilled in business strategy, eCommerce, CMS systems, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing, he's known to hop onto customer support calls at random to make sure every single survey made by Kno works perfectly for brands like you. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Favorite Survey Question: Who's the best basketball player of all time?
Why: Because the correct answer is X.

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Bar Bruhis


Bar has lived and worked all over the place, including Austin, TX, but he's happiest when he's outside. He specializes in helping DTC brands better understand who their customers are and where they're coming from. He has an especially soft spot for TikTok attribution. Fun facts: He speaks fluent Hebrew, and he was the captain of the University of Texas, Austin's roller hockey team.

Favorite post-purchase survey question: Did anything almost prevent you from buying today?
Why: Everyone knows you can use surveys for attribution. Learning about who your customers are and why they’re buying is an untapped use-case. This information can help you better message your copy, landing pages and so much more.

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Steven Bell


For the last 5 years, Steven has been helping brands and companies with their digital design, email marketing, and most recently with customer acquisition through limited-time campaigns at AppSumo.com. Based on mutual networks, Steven and Bar synced up and Steven is now leading out Agency Partnerships and is helping agencies and their clients get the most from KnoCommerce. He lives in Austin, Texas and is always out and about on the various trails throughout the city.

Favorite customer survey question: If you could see any new product that you wanted from us, what product would that be?
Why: In a world of many options, having your customers telling you what they'd buy is a fool proof way to build a brand/products that your customers love!

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Jaime Viera


If you've attended any of Kno's webinars, then you probably know Jaime (pun absolutely intended). Jaime has spent the better part of her career working directly with clients and customers, as well as running education for various tech startups. That's how she and Jeremiah met — she worked with him way back when he was a college intern! Jaime lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she rarely gambles but does spend tons of time with her three adorable kids.

Favorite post-purchase survey question: Who's the best webinar host at Kno?
Answer: .....Ahem.

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