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Nathan Young, Digital Marketing Manager |
We've tried several post purchase survey apps and KNO has been the the best by far. The team is extremely responsive and they're constantly rolling out new features. Our company has been able to use data from our KNO Post Purchase Surveys to make more educated marketing decisions, improve customer experiences, and give data driven feedback to our product team.
Jan Sapper, CEO | Paperlike
Utilizing a post-purchase survey is an essential component of our analytics toolkit. Knocommerce has proven to be the most user-friendly and effortless platform to integrate. Their customer support is exceptionally responsive and helpful. I can't endorse Knocommerce strongly enough. Pro Tip: Don't miss out on their newsletter—it's packed with invaluable insights.
Chad Janis, Founder |
KNO is easily the best value app on the Shopify store. We get so many insights from our customers through various post-purchase surveys, NPS, and general surveys with our customers timed across their journey. These insights govern many of the decisions we make daily. KNO is a must-have for every Shopify brand.
Samantha Coxe, Founder & CEO | Flaus
I am literally OBSESSED with KnoCommerce. I constantly say it’s one of my favorite Shopify plug ins. Being able to understand customer psycho behavioral data is invaluable.
Angela Swanson, Brand Manager | Life Harmony Energies
An agency we work with recommended this app and we've been using it for about a year. Super simple to set up and we get great data. Their support is beyond excellent... shockingly good! What more could you ask for?
Connor Rolain, Head of Growth | Hexclad Cookware
KNO isn't just a shopify app I like using ... it's a non-negotiable to have on our store. This is especially the case for us because we have a long consideration window, so while the lot MTA click data we get from our attribution tool is helpful, it's not the end-all story to inform our first touch channel efficiency. KNO has helped us understand our media mix, consideration lag, who people are buying for, and much much more. And I still feel like i've only tapped into 15% of what this tool is capable of. And on top of that, their customer success team is incredible. They don't only help you use the tool to implement ideas we bring to them, but they also bring strategic ideas to us. Overall, great tech and great support. I HIGHLY recommend KNO!
James Achilles, Director of E-commerce | Aeropress
The best app out there for post purchase surveys, top tier customer support and features. A huge help for attribution and tracking where our customers come from.
Ateeq Akhlaq, CEO
| Public Desire UK
KnoCommerce has been brilliant since we moved over from another survey tool. The support has been amazing from a technical and strategic aspect. The insights provided are invaluable. Highly recommend!
Nick Ward, Co-Founder |
Moodi Blends
Best post-purchase survey tool we've tried! Also love how helpful their customer support is + the fact you can run surveys and attribute the responses to individual customers in Klaviyo. Powerful tool!
Dimitri Katrakazos, Co-Founder | Kompsós
The best post-purchase survey app on Shopify! The customer team is very helpful and it is very complete.
Danny Fein, Founder | Litographs
Quick and seamless to install, amazing customer service, and valuable insights immediately. Highly recommend.
Mike Tolkson, Co-Founder | Stix Golf
I love this platform. It's great for collecting first party data and seeing how that changes over time or by channel. The support is some of the best I've experienced as well.
John Wiseman, Founder | Curious Elixirs
Kno is great — helps to answer some of your tougher questions as you scale. Reliable team & support. Definitely recommend :)
Jay Moskowitz, CEO |
I always guessed at my customers profiles by forming opinions based on emails from them. I didn't think a post purchase survey would work. Kno has shocked me with how many respondents answered our questions, and some of those answers were truly eye opening! Im loving Kno!
Christoph Fink, Founder & CEO |
NAKED Optics
Works well and provides information about where customers come from - about 50% of our customers take the survey.
Hugo Lewis, Co-Founder | Only Curls
This app is absolutely fantastic. It's enabled us to obtain real-time and accurate attribution for our marketing - with all the latest changes with facebook advertising and their attribution settings, I'm really glad we've had this installed. Jeremiah has been extremely helpful too. 5 Stars all round - highly recommended.
Patrick Coddou, Founder & CEO |
I love this app. Super easy to set up (took all of 5 minutes), and it's giving me really insightful data immediately. I've already learned things about my customers that I didn't know before. Their reporting and features are the best of all the competitors I've tried. This will be some of the best money you've spent on an app.
Richie Mashiko, Head of Growth |
She’s Birdie
We were using another post purchase survey tool for the past year and a half and I can honestly say that not switching to Kno 18 months ago has been one of my biggest mistakes that I’ve made. With Kno, there is just so much more data and insights that I have access to and can take action on. It has helped unmuddy attribution which has been especially valuable since iOS 14. We’ve also learned about who our customer is buying for, which has helped us craft our marketing creative and copy to different cohorts of people. This is one of the best value apps that I’ve ever used on Shopify.
Joe Putnam, Owner |
Conversion Engine
FYI this KNO data is really powerful. We have a lot of issues with clients questioning attribution, not realizing how valuable ads are, over-estimating Google, under-estimating Twitter, etc. The picture this data is painting is going to be really, really helpful. I'm super pumped we found you guys!
Tyler Macke Founder of SendAFriend
Tyler Macke, Founder |
KNO Post Purchase Surveys have helped us patch up and understand ad platform attribution more clearly, establish better goals, and have a better idea of how each platform we advertise on is performing. One of the most interesting insights we've gathered from KNO is the difference between platforms in time between initial discovery and purchase. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to understand their marketing and customer behavior better!
Chris H., Senior Marketing Manager |
Very helpful in helping us understand where our are customers are coming from--would highly recommend for attribution
Ashvin Melwani, Chief Marketing Officer at Obvi
Ashvin Melwani, Chief Marketing Officer |
Adding KnoCommerce to our store has been a complete game-changer. Surveys have been such a crucial tool to truly understanding where the customer is during their buying journey, or even where they are in their life in general. This info helps us shape and create a better experience overall through our ads, emails, SMS, website, and everywhere else. The team is absolutely incredible and super helpful. I also love the fact that KnoCommerce integrates with TripleWhale. Not only are we getting invaluable first-party data in the backend, but we're also closing in the gap on everyone's favorite topic, attribution.
Taylor Straley, Director of DTC at DECKED
Taylor Straley, Director of DTC |
We switched to Kno after years or using another dated post-purchase survey app. Our completion rate increased and the data we are gathering is so much more useful. We are able to use it to make realtime advertising, marketing and brand decisions. Additionally, the team at Kno is super helpful. They are great to work with and made the setup process seamless. I cannot recommend them enough.
Scott Kramer, VP of Growth |
Laura Geller Beauty
By far the easiest and most professional post purchase survey out there. We were collecting data and anaylzing results within minutes!
Alison Mooradian, VP of Marketing at Wildgrain
Alison Mooradian, VP of Marketing & Founding Team |
I've found KnoCommerce to be an incredibly helpful, effective, and affordable post-purchase survey tool! The customer support is also top-quality; Jeremiah and Landon in particular have not only helped me on calls when a tech issue arises, but have also helped me with strategic decisions in terms of setting up my post-purchase survey. Thank you KnoCommerce team!
Brian D., Founder, President & Operator at Dispatch Custom Cycling Components
Brian D., Founder, President & Operator |
Dispatch Custom Cycling Components
We were using a similar (in concept) app for post-purchase surveys. It turns out the number of responses we get with Kno is an order of magnitude greater. In addition, the actual data gathered is much more useful in informing our decision on ad spend. This is a wonderful app for stores trying to understand the attribution of what's moved a customer from a prospect/initial interest to completed purchase.
Mila Aldrin, VP of Digital Marketing |
This app made it possible for us to quickly & easily launch our post-purchase survey and start gleaning lots of insightful info from our customers. The app itself is user-friendly and their hands-on support is incredible! Landon from their team was amazing in helping optimize our survey and making sure we understood all of the various KnoCommerce features available to us. I definitely recommend this post-purchase survey app!
Anna Pfeiffer, Founder & Managing Director at Five Skincare
Anna Pfeiffer, Founder and Managing Director |
Five Skincare
We've only been using the app for a few days and have already received very good insights into the customer journey. Highly recommended app!
Matthew Epstein, CEO of Loversentiment
Matthew Epstein, Chief Executive Office |
This app is excellent, and the customer support is even better! I switched from grapevine to the app and it is soo much better. I also was having some trouble understanding and within a couple minutes I was on a google meet with someone who was extremely knowledgeable to help me! 11/10 reccomend.
Eric Weisman, Co-Founder and CEO of EasyStandard
Eric Weisman, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer |
Super useful and easy to use. Team provided great support and the app delivered on all it's promise.
Katie Spies, Founder & CEO of Maev
Katie Spies, Founder & CEO | Maev
We use knocommerce to run NPS, HDYHAU, and other customer surveys and have had a great experience. The app is so easy to use, the team is extremely responsive and helpful, and we've been able to drive a high success rate and get a ton of customer data. Couldn't be happier with the product or customer service.
Lanai Moliterno, Founder of Sozy
Lanai Moliterno, Founder | Sozy
Absolutely loved working with the Kno team to get this set up. In my opinion post purchase surveys are THE most important data you can collect. Previously we were just doing a simple "how did you hear about us" but once you get someone filling out the survey, they are pretty much happy to follow along through all the additional questions. The extra data is vital to maintaining product market fit and getting insights into the current mood of the customers
Cameron Faist, Director of Ecommerce of Aura Bora
Cameron Faist, Director of Ecommerce |
Aura Bora
The addition of KNO Post Purchase Surveys to our tech stack feels like it has unlocked an achievement level in a video game, almost like a cheat code thats totally legal. KNO has unlocked a deep understanding of our users, a clearer picture of our attribution, and helps drive inspiration for product innovation. If you are looking to unlock a new level of consumer insights to drive your business forward, highly recommend using KNO to help you do so.
Troy Petrunoff, Customer Retention |
Every Man Jack
A Post-Purchase survey is a must for any brand. Great learnings and the Klaviyo integration is key. Support is fantastic and fast.
David Lindahl, Founder of Rainier Watch
David Lindahl, Founder |
Rainier Watch
Kno is a powerful tool for understanding your customers better. I've enjoyed using it for the last year or so after switching another tool that just didn't have as many features like multiple form questions. No regrets here!
Mark Ritz, Co-Founder of Carnivore Snax
Mark Ritz, Co-Founder |
Carnivore Snax
Kno is an incredibly well-polished Shopify app. In today's ecom landscape, post-purchase surveys are a staple. Kno is my go-to for tracking where customers come from and driving them to my community. And with all the feedback I am getting, my team continues to execute with ease!
Daniel Patricio, Founder of Bull and Cleaver
Daniel Patricio, Founder | Bull and Cleaver
I use Kno to help segment our new vs. existing customers and use it as intel for what new products to add. Something my team and I review every week. If you aren't surveying your customers you are missing out on critical insight right in front of your nose.
LashFridays logo
Jeremy Ullrich, Co-Founder |
Lash Fridays
We had unorthodox needs for our post purchase survey and found Kno to be the only option that allowed us to create the survey we wanted and the reporting we needed. On top of that Jeremiah gave us hands on advice and support to make the whole process seamless. Would recommend and continue to use now for over 6 months.
Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry
Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry
We are very happy with Kno Post Purchase surveys. It is great to collect 0-party data post-purchase that we can analyze, learn from, and validate our advertising campaigns performance. Through customer responses, we have learned about influencers who wear our products and have been able to establish further relationships with them. The ability to segment new and returning customers allows us to gain further insight from customers. Additionally, the team is quick to respond and is very helpful.
Scott Grove from Imagine Woodworking
Scott Grove |
Imagine Woodworking
Kno gives us incomparable insights into the true sources of our new customers. Instead of relying on GA or complex attribution tools, Kno lets us simply ask our customers where they first heard about our brand. We're already adjusting our marketing campaigns to double down on what's working. Epic app with a refreshingly simple UI.
Andrew Goble, Co-Founder of Jambys
Andrew Goble, Co-Founder |
Kno has been an awesome tool for us to improve our understanding of who our customer is and why they've bought from us that day. Setup was easy, and they've been super receptive to product suggestions and support whenever needed.
Dustin Anthony, Founder & CEO at BloomingTables
Dustin Anthony, Founder & CEO |
In the post ios14 world - you need a post purchase survey to see where you customers are coming from. After testing a couple - Knocommerce was the clear winner. Great tool and the dev team is very helpful/responsive.
Tim Aton, Chief Operating Officer of Range Leather Co.
Tim Aton, Chief Operating Officer I
Range Leather Co.
Kno has been a game-changer for us in so many ways. An attribution indicator, product development idea generator, and has already driven ROI through triggered Klaviyo flows.
Deirdre Kelly, Director of Acquisition of Pura Vida Bracelets
Deirdre Kelly, Director of Acquisition |
Pura Vida Bracelets
This is definitely the best post purchase survey on the market right now. We moved over from Enquire and the difference is like night and day. Being able to survey new vs returning customers differently is key. Love the model data feature so we can see what results would look like assuming a 100% response rate. The recharge integration is super helpful too! We use this survey to instruct our media mix, budgets and merchandising.
Jacob Giebel Owner of Shutter Bombs
Jacob Giebel, Owner |
Shutter Bombs
Probably my favorite app on the app store! Here are a few reasons why: 1. Seamless install/integration - very quick set up! Nothing worse than downloading an app that takes hours to set up. 2. Phenomenal customer support: Jeremiah (who's actually the CEO) has gone above and beyond in answering my questions and even adding a few features that I requested. Love to see CEO's managing their support and suggesting best-practices. 3. Game changer for segmenting in Klaviyo (or whatever email software you use). I've learned SO much about my customers that I never knew - all because of the survey! 4. Beautiful integration on order confirmation page and great response rate. 5. Understanding your customers is CRUCIAL for increasing LTV - KnoCommerce makes this possible. Overall, couldn't be happier with this app! It's helped me tremendously with tailoring post-purchase emails to the specific customer persona. Would give more than 5 stars if I could!!
Cody Plofker, CMO of Jones Road Beauty
Cody Plofker, CMO |
Jones Road Beauty
KNO is amazing. The survey has helped us understand our attribution so much better in this post ios world. Especially as we've been expanding to different channels, we've been relying on the survey a lot to help us understand our attribution. Jeremiah the founder is super reliable and helpful. He's gone above and beyond to help us get maximum value out of the platform. Can't say enough good things.
Sabina Melarti, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of BLANQI
Sabina Melarti, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer |
This tool has been extremely beneficial for tracking acquisition! It was definitely provided key insight into how are customers are finding us. Jeremiah was very helpful with implementation and continuously provided support when needed.
Kaushal Dugar, CEO & Founder of Teabox IN
Kaushal Dugar, CEO & Founder |
Teabox IN
Incredible app, incredible support and overall a lifesaver to us in a post-IOS update world. I have been using it for a while now and have found the team's support incredible.
Steven Vigilante, New Business Development at Olipop
Steven Vigilante, New Business Development I
The Kno team has really up-leveled what the post-purchase experience looks like. The survey is only step 1, it's the follow-ups and logic that comes afterwards that truly is magical. Being able to reply to HDYHAU survey answers with follow ups and pull that data into klaviyo is an absolute superpower!
Chuck Melber, Marketing Director |
In the age of iOS14 and on, getting self reported user data becomes even more important for understanding how people found your store and why they opted to shop with you. Kno was super easy to implement in check out and an unobtrusive user experience.
Helen Guo
Helen Guo, Co-Founder |
Schoolyard Snacks
We've been using KnoCommerce for several months now after switching over from another popular tool. With KnoCommerce we get much higher response rates on our post purchase surveys and have much more clarity on our attribution. This is by far the best tool on the market currently for post purchase attribution, and on top of that the team offers stellar support and really listens to customers for their future roadmap. I've been recommending it to all my DTC and e-commerce friends.
Ben Schreiber, Head of Ecommerce |
Latico Leathers
Been using KnoCommerce for a few months, it's been invaluable to see the responses and gain insight into their journey and experience with us. Jeremiah has been super helpful, and overall a great app and recommended.
Jeremy Roberts CEO of Tradlands
Jeremy Roberts, CEO |
Great new attribution platform on the market. Attribution can be difficult to nail down unless you have expensive software. Running a post-purchase survey literally asking your customers how they heard about you is a very direct and personal way to know which of your marketing efforts are working. We've been able to take the results from the survey and double and triple down on marketing efforts. A couple things I really like about this app are the ability to run multiple surveys at once (first time or returning customer) and the ability to integrate with Klaviyo. Jeremiah and the support team have been fantastic and super helpful in setting up and clarifying my survey results. Kno app also has the ability to ask multiple questions in the same survey and provide a call to action on the survey final thank you page. Getting amazing insights and results from this simple install and setup. Highly recommend installing this app and setting up your first How Did You First Hear About Us survey and learning more about your customers journey.