Deploy in Minutes 

Our multi-touch attribution templates power 1 million+ survey responses per month.

Gather anything with 12 question types and an extensive library of survey templates. That’s the beauty of our customer and post-purchase surveys: They’re both plug-and-play for busy days and highly customizable for digging into complicated questions.

Intuitive, Flexible Survey Templates

Built by experts, user-tested, and ready to roll.

We believe you should can — and should — launch a survey in minutes. Use our templates to start collecting customer data immediately, so you can easily and effectively pivot your marketing efforts.

Attribution Survey

Do you really know where your customers come from? Invite them to share a few insights about where they heard about your brand via a custom post-purchase survey.

Abandoned Cart Survey

Going, going, gon — not so fast. Our abandoned cart surveys let you check in with folks who never hit buy. Don’t make an “educated guess” — let them tell you why.

Returning Customer Survey

Everyone’s favorite customer: the repeat. Ask returning customers what brought them back and what will keep them coming.


But does Kno integrate with Shopify? Heck yeah, we do. Our post-purchase surveys play well with Klaviyo and TripleWhale, too. We can also help you with TikTok attribution. Not sure if we integrate with your platform? Get in touch, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Make it Your Own

Fully customize our surveys to fit the needs of your brand.

Our flexible questions collect whatever data you need – everything from demographics to purchase motivation to birthday questions. You can also white-label our surveys to match your brand.


All the Question Types

Kno offers 12 different question types, which are available on all of our plans. Choose between radio, checkbox, text input, text area, dropdown, slider, NPS/scale, date picker, and ranking for your survey.

Two Words: White Label

Make our surveys look like you own ’em — because you do. Kno lets you customize the location and style of your embedded surveys on Shopify. Using something else? You can also easily customize the CSS for fonts, text, and buttons for any surveys you create.

Just Ask Us

We’re a small team, and we plan to keep it that way. We love talking to media buyers and brands about their unique customer data questions. Our survey experts are standing by to help you execute the post-purchase surveys you’ve always thought should be possible.

Customer Support

Message us anytime!

Schedule a demo with a Kno expert today and unlock the power of customer insights and attribution. We’re available for questions daily — and we also love when clients send us a chat just to say hi!

Technical Support

Our customer support team typically responds to requests within 1-2 hours during the business day and never longer than 10 hours on off hours (no matter the time, for outages and other emergencies, we’re here ASAP).

Dedicated Account Manager

Before you get started, we’ll assign you a dedicated Kno survey expert. Like a partner in (post-purchase) crime, they will meet with your team regularly to ensure long-term success.

Kno. The sliced bread of customer survey tools.