All is fair in love and surveys.

How KnoCommerce Outstrips Fairing

Or, the story of a little customer survey platform that could.


The Basics

One Click Shopify Integration yes yes Custom ecom integration yes yes API yes yes Attribution Reports yes yes Basic Data Modeling yes yes Single Clarifying Questions yes yes Question Bank yes yes Multi-account Access yes yes Long Form Surveys yes no Full Survey Templates yes no Survey logic yes no Unlimited Clarifying Questions yes no Benchmarking yes no Actions yes no Abandoned Cart Surveys yes no Emailed Surveys yes no Audiences (Data segmentation) yes no Question Types 12 6 Targeting Rules 60+ 4 NPS Questions yes coming soon Trend over time reports yes yes Ad Recall Question Type yes no Auto Complete Text Questions coming soon yes Integrations 8 13

Kno. The sliced bread of customer survey tools.